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  • 01New Products, New Customers 
  • 02Exclusive Sales Territories
  • 03Excellent Margins
  • 04Lots of Repeat Business

The Pro-Bindery product line is designed for professional bindery departments, using innovative designs to deliver high quality at lower prices than older technologies. The Pro-Bindery range is also programmable and modular so that customers can buy a full solution on day one, or gradually create their optimum solution over time.

By adding the Pro-Bindery range to your business you’ll have created a tremendous opportunity to widen your portfolio of customer solutions and increase your profit margins. Being a dealer brings continuous and solid incomes; Pro-Bindery customer solutions offer exceptional quality and at a price which will allow you to make great margins.

Pro-Bindery is committed to its dealers, and wherever possible we want our Dealers to be able to operate in their own exclusive territories, developing their markets for long term growth. Working with our Dealers is our preferred model to take Pro-Bindery to every corner in the world.

Looking for even more opportunity and sustainability? The Pro-Bindery range is modular, and so that every customer will become a repeat customer as they build their ultimate Pro-Bindery solution. And don’t forget the spares and consumables which every customer will need and which will further enhance your profits.

However, we recognise that serving the needs of the professional bindery users is a specialist business, and we want to work with the very best Dealers who can answer those customer needs and who will go the extra mile to promote the Pro-Bindery range, and support our customers. That’s why we are taking time and seeking ‘exclusive’ Dealers to cover agreed sales territories. As one of our Dealers you’ll know that spending time creating new business is a great investment, and the revenues you generate will only flow through your business.

You are likely to already a Dealer for other printing, bindery stitching products and that’s fine , we believe that the Pro-Bindery range is going to complement your products and will help you to get the best results for your customers*. In the Dealer Application process we’ll want to discover much more about your current business, your customers, your markets and the products you sell today. This information is vital to us. We’ll then want to discover, and discuss with you, how you would promote the Pro-Bindery range, in your exclusive territory and which of our products you believe will be most successful and why.

Based on all of this information we’ll then begin selecting and appointing our new Dealers and begin creating our business with you.

* PS: If you are not, today, a dealer of printing and bindery products then you are going to find it tough to meet our exacting standards, but we'll still be interested to discuss this with you and discover which markets and customers you can succeed in.

We are committed to creating the best global Dealer Network for Pro-Bindery and we want to ensure that we reach out to our customers, wherever they are, offering our products and great support. With the possibility of agreeing an Exclusive Sales territory for your Dealership we have to ensure that our selection process for new Dealers is stringent. Therefore, we'd like you to take time with your application and make sure that we have all the information we need. 

It's probably best to download the Dealer Application Form from here. You can download the form, complete it offline and submit it electronically when its completed. Alternatively you can complete the online form by clicking the 'Join Us' link below. 

We'll come back to you shortly after we have received your application to discuss the opportunities with you. NB: We anticipate that the first Pro-Bindery Dealers will be appointed shortly after the end of Drupa 2016.

Stitching and Binding Experts

Programmable, modular bindery products for professional wire binding and stitching.

Created by experts to deliver fabulous value, flexibility and perfect finishing. .

Programmable, modular bindery products for professional wire binding and stitching.

Created by experts to deliver fabulous value, flexibility and perfect finishing.


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